Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Doodle Design Party

A dear friends' daughter was about to turn 7 and we wanted to make it super cute and fun but didn't want a standard theme that could be bought at any party store...  Her daughter loves Justin Bieber (like most every other girl between the ages of 3 and 50) and wanted her theme to be JB, but wanting something a little different, we came up with a "Doodle" theme.  She was turning 7 and loved bright colors, drawing and peace signs.  Doodle's is what was born.
{Cupcake wrappers! My first attempt at making them!}
And luckily, they made the cupcakes turn out really cute even though my friend and I had baked them the night before and completely destroyed them! HA! We had a nice giggle session and we said we'd do it again because it was such good therapy for us!!

  Loved this pennant banner!
I used rainbow sheer ribbon and added extra ribbon at the corners of the pennants.
{ Bookmarks!!!! }
Her Mom had this idea and it fit perfectly with her because the child LOVES to read!
And I love how we displayed them too! The blue ribbons look so cute!
I knew I'd find a use for that tall candle thingy that I've never used before! 

{ Happy Birthday, Jordyn!}

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  1. THANK YOU so much for ALLLLL you did for Jordyn's birthday party! You did a fabulous job and we loved it! I've had so many people compliment all the different little personal touches you made to everything! Thanks again, you're a great friend!
    Love you! :)